Bleu is an outstanding chocolate puff Chinese Crested.

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Windsongs I Just Bleu In On The Wind

Name:Windsongs I Just Bleu In On The Wind
AKC #:TS161921/01 Breed/Variety:Chinese Crested
Birth Date:12/06/2012 Sex:Male
Colors/Markings:Chocolate White Markings
Breeder(s):June Gallimore
Windsongs I Just Bleu In On The Wind
Chocolate White Markings
Jo-Bar's Crazy Horse
TS152352/01 08-13
Black White Markings
Bayshore Butch Cassidy
TR307560/02 06-13
Slate White Markings
M.T.O. The Sundance Kid
TP063615/05 02-05
Slate White Markings
Kojak Kolorado Kid
TM915282/01 06-95 (South Africa)
AKC DNA #V178402
Taleeca Titania
TN210290/01 03-97 (United Kingdom)
Bayshore's Sex Appeal
TN756828/02 10-01
Black White & Tan
Kojak Kasablanka
TN662871/01 12-98 (South Africa)
CH Gemini Im Too Sexy Of Tobore
TM905774/03 10-96
Slate White Markings
Jo-Bar's Iron Maiden
TR839737/02 06-13
Black White & Tan
Tristar's Pandamonium Hl
TR329539/01 08-07
Black White Markings
AKC DNA #V514413
Bluestone Worth The Wait
TP259537/03 04-05
Gin-De's Desert Rose
TP130996/01 04-05
Pink & Slate Spotted
TR641369/03 10-08
S R Call Me Sir Riley
TR489832/03 06-07
Slate White Markings
AKC DNA #V481660
Mama's Baby Ruth
TR489061/07 09-07
Windsongs We' Bit Of Honey Jyncs
TS041335/01 08-13
Palomino White Markings
CH Richlin Go Hy On The Mountain
TR623984/01 08-09
AKC DNA #V676617
CH Robrex's Soho At Richlin
TP164337/03 01-02
AKC DNA #V209204
CH Robrex's Kitaro
TN732408/01 10-99
Black White & Tan
AKC DNA #V170114
Glebeheath The Elegant
TN877534/01 07-01 (United Kingdom)
Sable White Markings
AKC DNA #V45124
CH Richlin Let's Get Naked
TN766723/01 01-02
CH Wudnshu's I'll Be Back
TN585832/01 01-99
AKC DNA #V140930
Richlin's Red Hot Mama
TN450495/06 01-99
Risin' Star's Fallen Angel
TR672302/05 08-09
Slate White Markings
Taronga Bay's Captain Hook Pp
TR410201/04 06-07
Black White & Tan White Markings
AKC DNA #V494862
CH Snow Dragon Dan-De Lion King
TP167209/02 11-05
Slate Spotted
CH Debe's Lilly Of The Valley PP
TP148371/04 07-03
Deekays The Checks In The Mail
TR120024/02 05-05
CH Dee-Kay's Chips-Ahoy Boy
TN669149/01 09-00
Chocolate White Markings
AKC DNA #V298998
CH Dee-Kay's Full Of Beans Baby
TN804481/01 12-02