Now in the Ring!

The Whippet Stars of Kemar

We are so proud to have this lovely bitch from Gail and Jenny Boyd! Her lovely head with those dark, captivating eyes and her sexy curves make her a dreamboat to look at while her winsome personality makes her a joy to live with. Her name says it all...

     CH Ableaim Nikki's Not Naughty (Much)

Nikki winning at Hilton Head under Roberta Campbell

And from our own breeding of Butterfly to Kurt, Kemar's is proud to present:

          GrCh Kemar's Greater Fritillary

Fritz winning at Hilton Head under Roberta Campbell

           Kemar's Metalmark


Our newest addition!

Snowhill Wilhaus Obviously Something Special


The Crested Stars of Kemar

The boy who started it all

Ch Brooklyn's Sir Lance of Zydeco HL (Lance)


The Number One Girl!

Ch Zydeco Sheng Feng (Payne)


Ch Wesann's Well Hello Again


Wesann's Evening Song