Kemar's started with Whippets in 1990 when we were given Wendy (Hounslow  Windsong O'Draban), who is our foundation dam. Shortly after that, we acquired Blue (Kachina's Bonnie Blue). Their first litter produced our first bred-by Champion,  Bridget (Ch Kemar's Too Legit To Quit). She in turn, has given us our first Field Champion, Kemar's Suzette and another breed champion, Fabio (Kemar's Fabulous Fellow).

Over the years, we've acquired a few more dogs, Tiger (Appraxin Burning Bright), Reba (Riverchase Adagio) and Nyssa (Ch Sporting Fields Gatsby Design). These dogs have enriched our lives and helped to develop our "line".  With the vision of a Whippet firmly before us, we strive to produce sound, beautiful, well-adjusted Whippets that are first and foremost great companion animals.

One of our newest additions will not "add" to our lines, but has enriched our lives in a very big way. Skinny Marie was found on the streets of Indianapolis early in 2004. She weighed 14 pounds, had chemical burns on various parts of her body and feet that were literally raw meat. Annie Kelsey took Ria to the veterinary hospital where she works and between her and Dr. Sue's skills, they literally brought Ria back from the brink of death. Some very generous folk on an MSN Group Internet Board called appropriately enough, Whippet World took Skinny Marie under their collective wings and raised enough money to pay for the care that she received during the 3 months she was under Dr. Sue's care. In June, Ria came to live with us weighing in at 17 lbs. She's now up to 20 and with the heart murmur she has, that's enough. She's happy and healthy. She sleeps in our bed (along with several others!) and delights us daily with her little ways. She's taken the babies under her wing and appointed herself their GodMother.
If you would like to ask us questions about our dogs or if you have questions in general, you can contact us via e-mail HERE or call us 864-379-3010. We would love to hear from you!

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